Saturday, December 27, 2014

Lyon Steven Jarrot: Hacker, Crook, Robber, Frog To Toss Back

Fruits and Nuts: Dream lover, dreams of a band singing songs to dance to, views of the great man for a fake friend, dicks to suck on the down low, lyon to kids, Rachel, Rocky, Charlie, and Charles R. Jarrot, fun and games to be a crook and a robber, to prey on veterans with cash to spare, lost in the house of truthful and honest, flip the coins for the hemal of the group of frogs, groups of fags, frogs and freaks to party and play in Upland, for the rest of the year, good times in the hills and valleys, bumps in the road, forks to choose, changes to mask needed now. Pictures tell the stories better.

Tips and notes, wasting time, marking time, a crime to pay, over time and space

Time to take a stand, Time to Turn around, jokes to share, bumps in the roads.

Dicks,Snakes: Steven Jarrot | Brighter Dazes. Frogs and Toads, Seven Snakes, hell hounds.Steven Jarrot 7608512267...

Fairy Tales:Snakes and Vipers, Prince Frogs Threasts, cut off fingers, acid pour of faces of lovers,

Veterans, Females, Notices Writen Of Bumps in The Roads, Trips To Hell and Back, Horns To Sound.

Steven Jarrot, Frog, Fag, Fish to toss back, history online, his stories, his views to share: My girls, my bitches, my cheap tricks, pimping in Upland. Rach Jay, Lovers for life, since age six, dicks to suck, pussies to lick, playing with herself, every day, to practice to become a experts oral specialist, dykes with dicks. Steven Jarrot's balls in a bag, out for the tricks to trade for cum, delightful pleasures for frogs and bitches in  heat, all the time. Reese and Sanitgo Smith, butches with dicks to strabe on. Dates Tonight? Plenty of monkeys, plenty of fish, plenty of frogs and toads to dodge. Classes on love and hate, horns of a goat, sheep and cattle to pens. 

Charley, Cheryl 2,  Sheri, Rachel Jarrot, 7603601613, good times...More good times to share, dances with the hell hounds, with oral talents to shine, craigslist searches for prey done daily. 7608512267.Steven Jarrot, fool, frog, or freak? Man of honor, made of codes of life to live by always, standards set while young, taught by the people that were examples, or role models that you pattern your life steps on the paths you take during your journey, and the things you do by day. Habits always comes with practice, and practice will make you perfect on some level, and a expert if you... show more....Steers, queers, Rachel Rotten Jarrot, buff, butch? At the crossroads now, have to put it on hold, and try not to upset the beast within. The damage has been done. Time to check and see what is right about my life now, it is also time to correct the wrongs, and pick up the pieces and move on. What kind of changing need to be made is in the question as well. I am not sure but I did take the time to... show more

Steven fake friend, cheater, alert, girlfriends change by the hour, for pimp and drug dealer, new bags of best sacks of shit to spare, extra special this holiday seasons. Season passes available with purchase of two fists to stick up the suckers ass, prizes for the fun and games, party and play today in Upland, cows to cross, open ranges for the bitches, for the butches, for the jackasses in the hills and valleys. 

Rachel, Randy, Rocky, Butches, bitches, fake friends, fake hair, fake life of a rock star, white, whales, at UCLA? Party and play pals, with daddy, Steven Jarrot, 7603601613, more freaks out at night?tips now ▼  2014 (8)►  November (2)►  October (2)▼  September (2)Lyon Sacks: Jewish Style..Lyon Sacks: Fire and Ice: Hell Rings►  August (2)

Here is a story of a man who loved a woman once, and what happen after the dark dazes of court for a protection order, love and devotion from the only man for this woman, he was so right....Steven Jay Jarrot: 7608512267: Sad and blue once.Summer of 2013, after the shit hit the fan on his love affair with his dream girl, mistakes had been made, and the atonement was never done, not a rite of passage in the deeds and the actions.

His creations, Steven Jarrot 7608512267, his prides and has joys, his kids, swinging in the winds. Charles R. Jarrot-7607778998-thief by credit cards, real estate, coins and stamps: Rachel and Rocky Jarrot-wide-ass freaks at UCLA-The Real California Cow. Rachel Jarrot : Whale of a girl, brains skipped for planes-went to airport to catch a plane. No brains there, just tickets to catch a free  plane ride.  Happy trails off in the sea blue sunset.

Just another fairy tale, a man and woman, the bumps in the road, the breakdown, the missing favors gone, the dream wasted, hurt, broken, full of tears for the pain and the anger still.  A love story that did not end well is one way to view it, black and white matters to address, hidden views or unknown feelings just beneath the surface. Women, men, mice, rats, cattle, bison, bitches, butches, butterflies, fairies, fags, male fag hags, sinners and saints just a few of the terms of endearments used for part players.

Lost, confused, displace veterans targets for the fake friends on the beach in the sand with heads covered for the snakes under the sands of times at the beach, in the parking lots in Upland, gifts to share with oral skills perfected for the tricks, bitches Rachel, Sheri, and Sima, gifts to share of the good times, dying in the fires of leassons learned, tricks and trades for the cash needed for the cars, scooters, dates with dicks, suckers for the easy life on the low roads.

 Forks to fingers to blame for the crimes in the family, $160,000 list the crimes of Charles R. Jarrot, simple, shallow girly man with cash for the pussies to date, looks and charms to rob your blind, just like dim witted daddy, the sucker in a RV camping on the beaches and in Upland for the cattle calls, for the balls in the purses of Rachel, Sheri, Sima, and REESe Smith, butches and bitches to talk about the hairs of the matter of the hairless whale-kid Rachel , Rotten Randy, fruits and nuts to Rocky and Dick Jarrot, party and play with the dicks of Rick, Goldie, Charlie R. Jarrot.. to dick around for the cash and the credit crooks for the elders, displace confuse veterans, with the rights of the crazy, couple of can short of a six pack fake friends, cash is king, cash for the trade, tricks, Johns with Harry dicks to share with this family of snakes and suckers. Good times for the wake up and roll over to stuff the faces in the dark ...Prayers for the good graces to shine again.
Choices Complete Choices made season done, ashes to dead: Bones in boxes, dad. Paul Jarrot, Charles Edward Jarrot, to visit. Death dance dawn at dusk. Family undead, family unstable, mules, monkey, asses, dance of the dead. 

Happy holidays, seasons greetings, for the fools, poker players of FACEBOOK, expert in oral talents of the dicks, chicks, tricks, Rick and Dick Jarrot, gifts to share with the waters black from the dung of the jackasses, RV camper out of water again. Bags of shit, bad dungs from the snakes that camp by RV, stuck waiting for chicks and tricks to sit and spin on the faces of the whales, cows, and suckers. Sheri and Rachel Jarrot, lovers of the cum alone in the hairs of the pussies like REESE SMith, the tatoo bitch that has 333 Smith written to remember the dicks before the pussy skills came in play. Kids for a butch, kids for a whale like Sheri Jarrot, bitches in heat for the tasteful treats and the fun and games sitting for turns to give cum to the dump on Steven Jarrot;s face. Fun and games, with the freaks out at night. Good times in Upland for the cattle callers, wolves in the hen house, dogs, dicks, and Charles R. Jarrot, freaks to rob your blind, crooks from the credit calls, expert to steal your blind, waiting for the grandparents to buy the farms. Jackasses with bend views, bend piss-off, band of snakes, frogs and fake friends. Ready for a walk on the wild side?


  1. Good times to party and play on the beach, fruits and nuts to go with 7608512267 to date a freak like Steven Jarrot, and wife Rachel Jarrot, whales on land, gifts of oral skills to share. Happy and gay lifestyle to share, RV camper for life, parked in Upland for the cattle crossing, good gay guy to fuck on the left side of the tracks to move mountains. Fun and games, party and play today for the cash needed to leave the curbs in Ventura, La quinta, and the beaches, watching the ocean work. Games play for jokes on the mules, jokes to laugh, jokes on the deeds and actions, done to death.

  2. Steven Jay Jarrot : Owner/Consultant; ANYWAY TRANSPORTATION. Buys/Sells/Rents/Trades/Cars/Scottors/Women/Men/Boys and Girls/Drugs/Meth/Pot/Oral Specialist of Craigslist Nightly after midnight.-Markets All works with Ex Wife, Sheri Jarrrot, and Creator of next greatest Jewish Woman. Can be reach at 7608512267 or 50925 Paradise West Drive number B: La Quinta, California 92253.Last night with kid with a lack of natural hair on head, $6000 wig Rookie/Jewish style, for cover acceptable for hair, Rachel Jarrot, and stole car for Mad Angry Disappointed Shocked Black Woman from Washington